Dear ?

Have we consumed too much poor quality at ridiculous prices?

Yes, we do believe that paying for low-priced, low-quality products is a habit that has gone viral and is hard to break.

It is widely noted that our consumer society is reaching fairly critical points, which is why we need to change mentalities. We are there for that ! And yes, we work in this direction: organic cotton, recycled materials, everyone's working conditions and at each stage respected, from our manufacturing to delivery, which gives us an advantage over all the others!

Let's explain: if you order a product from us, it's like making a pre-order but faster.
Our clothing workshops only stock pieces of cotton, rolls of recycled fabric, etc.
Any part ordered on our site will be made to order and delivered to our future customer within approximately 10 days. We set ourselves the goal of relaunching our way of consuming on e-commerce sites.
Our French brand is the pioneer in this way of doing things.

Thus, the price of individually made products, embroidery, printing, the quality of our materials and our charges are more expensive. But beneficial to our way of relearning to consume the products we buy more sustainably. And thus we will be able to better preserve our environment.

A revolution is underway: join us, become D-Conqueror.